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Celebrate Our Independence

By Staff | Jul 3, 2019

Wishing everyone a very happy, peaceful and restful Fourth of July holiday. Independence Day is a ubiquitous holiday, a special day of supreme significance. It’s path from inception to today has been a long one.

Our independence began on July 4, 1776, 243 years ago when the American colonies declared themselves to be free and independent from Great Britain and its King. It came about when good, wise, brave, God-fearing men stood up to claim and defend their right to freedom. Although those men are now dead, their work is not.

We still believe in the inherent rights of people to live as they wish and to choose their destiny as they see fit. If we fail to believe and stand up for those rights, freedom and independence will fail to exist.

Let’s not lose sight of the responsibility that comes with freedom. It is not a license to do whatever you want but liberty to choose to do as you ought.

On this day, let us celebrate our freedom, just as our nation’s founders envisioned. For truly there are not many concepts as beautiful, or all-encompassing as that of freedom.

Both John Adams, who signed the Declaration of Independence and served as president, and Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration and served as president, died on the same day hours apart. That day was July 4 in 1826. It took 100 years for July 4, to be made an official holiday by Congress.

Celebrate it today; think about it often; work for its protection and preservation always.

Happy Fourth of July and God Bless America.