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Remember Meaning Of Memorial Day

By Staff | May 29, 2019

Memorial Day is more than picnics in the park and trips to the beach. Several of the local communities held celebrations Monday to commemorate the deep sorrow many families still live with. Although Parades through towns are nice, Memorial Day is not about firetrucks and antique cars or how much candy the politicians can toss from their vehicles.

Its about the outburst of anguish from some brokenhearted mother, wife or friend. Its about the emotional impact of losing a loved one in battle for the sake of their country. Memorial Day is set aside by an act of congress to remember the fate of brave men and women who fought in battles like World War 1, the D-Day invasion at Normandy in 1944, the Vietnam conflict, and the ongoing struggles in the Middle East. We celebrate the heroic actions and morn the loss of life.

I recall my mother and Grandparents talking about the colored flags that hung in windows and from porches symbolizing a family member serving in the military during World War 11. They spoke about the church bells ringing when the war was finally over.

My father served in World War II, returning from Italy as a three time wounded warrior, with a nightmare that followed him to his grave. You might well have this same type of linkage to those we honor on Memorial Day for their service to this country.

I feel a surge of patriotic pride when I salute the flag and sing our national anthem. May that flag forever wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave. All gave some, some gave all. May they rest in peace.