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Key to Success — Working Together

By Staff | May 21, 2019

Working together has once again proven to be the key to success. Sistersville demonstrated this at their council meeting on Monday, May 13, when it was reported the Swimming pool will be up and running with a scheduled opening day of May 25.

It has been a struggle from the start with much cleanup work taking place following the flooding since last season. City workers, volunteers, and park and pool representatives all banned together to drain the pool, clean the debris, santitize, make necassary repairs, paint and insure a safe environment for the youth, elderly and families to enjoy.

It was not an easy task and was not without problems, but the dedication by caring people within the community and support form city officials made it happen. The pool which has been a place of refuge for the children of Sistersville for nearly 60 years and is in remarkably good shape. Operating a community swimming pool is not cheap but the benefits far outweigh the cost.

Sistersville makes it happen year after year,thanks to minds that understand the importance of providing a safe daily activity for it’s residents.