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Graduation Day Is Drawing Near

By Staff | May 15, 2019

The music cues as seniors file down the aisle toward the stage, tassels bouncing in a rhythmic motion with each step. Beneath each cap is a student with a smile from ear to ear.

Others shed happy tears for the most anticipated day of high school, graduation. Parents hold cameras, eager to catch every minute. Families and friends gather from miles around to witness the big event Speeches given by the valedictorian, principal and class president open up the ceremony.

The day has finally arrived; the memory of every parent’s baby entering kindergarten flickers in the minds of parents as high school students accept their individual diplomas. Within a blink of an eye, football games, themed formals, homecomings and new and old friendships will become sealed memories in the chapter of high school. Another story is added and imprinted into our hearts, for what waits ahead brings a new beginning, a new story and a new chapter.

To the graduates, soak up the applause as you walk across the stage, shake hands and receive your diploma. Toss your cap as high as possible when the ceremony is officially over. Enjoy the moment with your classmates, friends, family and others.