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Applaud The Restoration Committee

By Staff | Feb 20, 2019

To state the obvious, the County Home is a controversial topic. One side sees the structure as worth preserving; another side sees it as beyond repair.

We think both sides can agree the Home is of historical significance, and we can certainly see the merits of both sides.

Looking over the past year’s coverage of the County Home controversy, the situation can seem fraught with negativity. Commission meetings, where the topic was heavily debated, seemed to yield high emotion and argument.

This editorial’s purpose is not to take a side, but to only express gratitude to the former Tyler County Restoration Committee for its recent distribution of funds.

The committee had raised approximately $29,000 for the County Home. It was able to give some of those funds back, due to them being directly deposited to the committee’s bank account.

The committee then selected a board, separate from the committee. This board chose several community organizations and historical structures to receive the remaining $24,770.

Although the Tyler County Restoration Committee did not necessarily reach the end result it desired, the fact that numerous entities will benefit from its work is a reflection of the committee’s passionate and dedicated purpose.