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Happy For Sistersville

By Staff | Jan 23, 2019

Late Friday afternoon, Sistersville Mayor Bill Rice announced, via his official Facebook page, that the city was finalizing a deal for its new garbage truck.

We hope to see the truck in Sistersville this week, and we congratulate the town of Sistersville, and its residents on the good news.

We are sure there are plenty of naysayers who will inevitably have negative feedback. To those, we encourage attendance at the next council meeting.

As easy as it might be to quickly post criticism to social media and demand immediate results, the reality takes much longer.

You see, regardless of what one may believe, council has worked very hard to secure reliable garbage service. The matter has been addressed at the past several council meetings.

An ordinance to raise garbage rates, to be able to afford a new, reliable truck takes time. Council had to vote to enact a new ordinance, which then has to be voted upon twice.

And yes, rates have to be increased. No one likes paying more on bills. However, council discussed this at a previous meeting. The new rate will be similar to other nearby municipalities.’

In the meantime, woes with the city’s current garbage trucks are ongoing. At the most recent meeting, the mayor was obviously frustrated as he explained how he was organizing repairs for both of the trucks.

It’s easy to be vocal with criticism. It’s not as easy to take action. We encourage those who are concerned about the city’s management of the garbage service to attend a future meeting of council. We believe council is doing the best it can.