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Social Workers Are Needed in Our Schools

By Staff | Jan 16, 2019

Considering the Jan. 7 board of education coverage, we were shocked and heartbroken to read about children going without running water or heat. We found ourselves so very grateful for social worker Cami Williamson, who was able to help these children and their families. Williamson is unable to hold a full-time position, due to funds.

“We don’t have problems with our students; we have problems with what’s going on in the homes of the students,” Melinda Walton (Director of Special Education, Preschool, Birth to Three, Attendance Officer, and Homeless Liasion) is quoted in the referenced story as saying.

We couldn’t agree more, and we also agree with Walton’s statement that the school system is in desperate need of social workers. If Williamson, who is not full-time, was able to help three families, think of the difference at least a couple more social workers would make?

We can’t imagine some of the heart-wrenching situations our youth deal with once they step foot off of their school buses and into their homes. We’ve written plenty of troubling headlines though. Articles sometimes reference drug abuse, and the drug abuse epidemic. We’ve sometimes written about courtroom happenings, addressing drug-related convictions, and more.

It’s reasonable to say that some of these individuals are parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, and we tend to agree that students’ school lives reflect their home lives.

The investment into additional social workers might cause the board to dig deeper into its funds, but a price tag really can’t be put on the benefits.