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Treasure Thanksgiving

By Staff | Nov 21, 2018

This week you will perhaps gather with those you hold dearest, marking the Thanksgiving holiday. You might partake of a dinner with all the trimmings, gather around the living room to talk or play games. You might even bring the Christmas decor out of storage, in anticipation of the next holiday celebration.

Treasure this time.

As we realize too often, the next day is not guaranteed.

There will be those who have empty seats at their Thanksgiving dinners this year. The loss might have occurred earlier in the year, or more recently. The loss might be painfully fresh.

Maybe the loss occurred years ago, but still brings a sorrow that is especially noticeable on holidays.

Many of us have experienced this loss. Thus, let us all be mindful – on this Thanksgiving, this holiday season, and everyday… Let us always be mindful to treasure the gathering of loved ones.

Reflect on the happier memories, make new happy ones.

Tomorrow is not always granted; thus, practice Thanksgiving.