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Results & Thankful for Freedoms

By Staff | Nov 7, 2018

We’d be remiss if we didn’t remind our readers that yesterday’s election results can be found on our website and Facebook page.

The results can be found in print form through the Wheeling Intelligencer and Parkersburg News and Sentinel. Our papers print on Tuesday afternoons, way before polls close. However we were at the courthouse until the late evening hours, obtaining the results, and reporting them to our regional partners.

Regardless of where you get your results, this definitely seemed like a historical election. Reports indicate record early voting turnout. We will find out more about the election-day turnout long after this page of our paper is printed. However, there were exciting races at all levels county, state, and national.

Thus, for the point of this editorial: Regardless of the outcome, may we all unify at the fact that we have the freedom to cast a ballot. And thus, we wouldn’t have this freedom if it weren’t for the brave men and women who have fought for our country, and those are still standing guard for our freedoms.

Veterans Day is Sunday, but truly, everyday we should be thankful for those who have served our great country.

Say thank you, every chance you get. They are mere words, and they won’t ever be enough.

But it’s a start.