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A Refreshing Message

By Staff | Oct 24, 2018

Last week we received a refreshing e-mail at our offices. A young lady, a junior at Paden City High School, wanted us to post about an upcoming spaghetti dinner fundraiser in our newspapers. For starters, this dinner is Oct. 28, 12:30-4 p.m. at the PCHS multi-purpose building. Check our our coming events for all the details. The proceeds of this benefit go toward the children’s hospital in Morgantown.

This young lady noted to us that two years ago she had the idea to donate toys and money to the children’s hospital in Morgantown. She said she had a soft spot in her heart for children and believes “all children deserve a Christmas.” Last year a spaghetti dinner was added to help raise funds toward the endeavor. “This year again I am putting together a spaghetti dinner and want more people to know about it and come,” the young lady said.

How refreshing. This young lady was cordial in her correspondence with us. She didn’t want recognition; she only wanted to get the word out on her fundraiser so that she and her classmates could help others. Sometimes this selflessness seems to be a rarity. We appreciate this young lady’s attitude, and we hope others do too and help support her endeavors.