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Don’t Forget Our Heroes

By Staff | Sep 12, 2018

Saturday, Sept. 8 was Heroes Day.

If you recall, Heroes Day originated in Tyler County and was the idea of former Sistersville United Methodist Church Reverend Bill Dawson, who also served as chaplain of Sistersville Volunteer Fire Department.

Reverend Dawson created the holiday in 2011, in light of the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 tragedy.

In 2015, the West Virginia House of Delegates passed a resolution (HR16) designating the second Saturday of September as Heroes Day, and it has been proclaimed such by our governors ever since.

“I didn’t start Heroes Day for the attention or for the media attention on myself,” Dawson said in 2015. “I saw the need to take the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001 and honor the lives lost through that terrorist attack, but at the same time thank those serving today…”

Reverend Dawson has since relocated to Ritchie County. And although we are aware of Heroes Day observances occurring in several places throughout the Mountain State, we were not made aware of any such events in Tyler County.

We sincerely hope this changes in upcoming years, and regardless, we hope folks realized the special date and took the time to be grateful to our local first responders, our heroes. Truly, every day is Heroes Day.