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It’s Fall Sports Time!

By Staff | Aug 29, 2018

Fall sports season is upon us, and our sports writers are busier than ever, working non-stop to ensure readers receive adequate sports coverage. Games and matches are covered in the evenings several days a week, and mornings and afternoons are spent reviewing stats and putting together stories. For the next several months, our sports writers will be living and breathing high school sports.

We ask that you give our guys some credit and understanding. If you are a coach, send in your stats, and be willing to answer questions and give a statement. After all, this gives our writers better ability to report on the sporting events and better highlight the remarkable things our athletes are doing.

And if you are a parent, we guarantee our guys are doing the best they can. There are only so many hours in a day to cover a rather sizable region. They won’t always pick up on every extraordinary moment your child has out on the field or on the court. We guarantee they care though.

Fans, do your part! Attend games and cheer on your favorite teams. This positivity is contagious and might just be the difference in winning and losing.

Our paper’s sports pages are truly a labor of hard work and love. They are a reflection of you, our community.