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Prevention Coalition Is Doing Admirable Work

By Staff | Aug 8, 2018

The Tyler County Prevention Coalition is a modest group with a mighty goals. The group wants to help prevent the abuse of prescription drugs and stop the use of illicit drugs and underage drinking.

These can seem like some lofty goals.

As Congressman McKinley noted to us last week, West Virginia is the “epicenter” of the opioid crisis.

The coalition is a fairly new group, still small in numbers.

Still, the Prevention Coalition is not letting the Goliath-sized monster, that opioid abuse is, deter them.

So far, the organization is sponsoring movie nights.

They are hoping to bring families together and show there are ways to have good and wholesome fun, safely.

Also, if you read this week’s front page article, the coalition recently took to the streets to spread flyers with numbers of resources for drug-addicted individuals and their families.

The coalition wants folks to know that help is available.

We are sure not everyone was so welcoming to the coalition. We admire their bravery with this task.

If you are interested in joining the Tyler County Prevention Coalition, check them out on Facebook. “Like” their page, and find out ways you can support their cause. We need to support their cause.

Together we can make a difference.