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Folks Are Doing Good Things

By Staff | Jul 10, 2018

This week’s Tyler Star News seems to show a theme: service to one’s community.

Let us explain. First of all, we have a story on Mr. Bill Deaton, who is working hard to preserve the history and memories of the departed souls who rest at Wells Cemetery. Read the story. Mr. Deaton doesn’t just cut the grass! He works diligently and meticulously to respect the graves and to preserve as much history as he can.

Secondly, we tip our hats to county officials who have planned a day camp for the county’s youth, July 25-27.

We are sure there was some disappointment with the fact the renovations to the county’s 4-H grounds would not be completed in time for the annual county 4-H camp. However, the organizers of the day camp have come together rather quickly in hopes of providing something for kids who might have otherwise not had anything to look forward to this summer. We have heard of some pretty exciting activities for the kids, who will also receive three meals each day. Might we also add that the event is free!

Also, check out the front page photos of the captivating fireworks show held at Sistersville this past weekend. This type of event, which included a variety of activities throughout the day, is not organized on a whim. This event is organized by the fine people of the Sistersville Community Service Organization.

There are plenty of good deeds happening around our communities in Tyler County. We are thankful for the good people behind them.