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It’s True: Freedom Isn’t Free

By Staff | Jul 4, 2018

A common statement is “Freedom isn’t free.” This is so very true. However, do we really pause and reflect upon what this means?

Take a look at this week’s front page write-up about Eugenius Lemasters. The deceased Civil War veteran recently received a proper headstone, more than a century after he perished of sickness while serving our country. Adding to the tragedy was the fact his own family had died while he was away. Eugenius didn’t make it home to pay his respects to his family before he died.

It is likely there are countless other veterans who have lived heartbreaking stories similar to Eugenius.’ Each veteran has been willing to pay the ultimate price. Some have.

While we have enjoyed, or are about to enjoy, our freedom to mark Independence Day, may we keep in mind an ultimate truth:

Freedom isn’t free. Eugenius Lemasters, and countless others, are proof of this.