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The Importance Of Pageants for Youth

By Staff | Jun 13, 2018

We applaud the folks at Tyler Consolidated High School who make the Miss Knight pageant a possibility.

It is our firm belief that pageants are often inaccurately portrayed. There seems to sometimes exist an underlying and unfair stereotype that sees the contests to be nothing more than an unhealthy focus on physical appearance.

This is not the case! Our local pageants, including the Miss Knight pageant, prove otherwise.

The crowned queen and the runner-up each received a scholarship to accompany her crown and ash.

We feel that they, along with the other contestants, received so much more.

Although there was an evening gown portion of the competition, the Miss Knight pageant required each contestant to also submit a formal resume, undergo an interview, and display a talent.

Thus, whether or not a contestant ended up with a crown, she garnered priceless experience. Though each contestant looked absolutely gorgeous, they each were able to showcase more than outer beauty.

So, along with experience gained, we believe each lady perhaps receive a healthy dose of self-confidence. Surely, no one can dispute that sort of gain in our youth of today.