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Remembering The Price For Freedom

By Staff | May 30, 2018

The photos in this week’s paper offer just a small example of what the area Memorial Day services involved. An old saying states “A picture is worth a thousand words,” yet all the photos we took Monday cannot adequately express the importance of Memorial Day and what it means.

After all, Memorial Day should not equate cookouts, the opening of swimming pools, and other fun in the sun activities. Granted, many mark the subsequent three-day weekend in such a way, but the freedom to partake in such activities did not come without a cost. We should be mindful of that, and we sincerely hope folks are such when they celebrate the unofficial start of summer.

Memorial Day is a time to remember, and a time to honor. The photos we share of services and what they include – the laying of wreaths, the empty table and chair, a wall of names of those who paid the ultimate price… those scenes equate Memorial Day. It’s a time to remember, and a time to honor.