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Support Local Community Endeavors

By Staff | Apr 18, 2018

If you check out our Coming Events section this week, you will see that the Olive Branch Animal Rescue & Refuge’s “Pedal for Paws” event has been canceled due to lack of sign-ups.

This isn’t the only event the Olive Branch has canceled because of lack of interest. The animal rescue and refuge also recently canceled a “Paint and Chat” event.

This is disheartening. The Olive Branch has rescued so many homeless and helpless cats, dogs, and other four-legged animals in our area, giving them hope for a loving family and a better tomorrow.

The Olive Branch does so much for our community, each and everyday. Can’t we return the favor by supporting a fundraiser, for one day?

Maybe a run/walk/bike event isn’t your cup of tea. Maybe a painting event isn’t either. If not, still consider helping by spreading the word.

In any case, you can still give. Donate some time, pet supplies, or money to the Olive Branch. Every little bit helps, and we are certain the Olive Branch staff, and its furry residents, will be very much grateful.