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Happy Birthday, Mr. Amos

By Staff | Feb 28, 2018

If you happen to cross paths with Mr. Amos this week, be sure to wish this American hero a Happy Birthday.

Tell him “Thank You” as well.

We all owe this World War II veteran so much more than can be expressed in words though. His service to his country can never be repaid.

Ed Amos is a treasure in more than one way as well. Not only is he a wealth of historical knowledge of a time when many of us were not even living, but he also possesses common-sense and wisdom, garnered from earlier days.

In present-day, we are all constantly moving on toward the next task. We seem to be consumed with unnecessary worries. Cell phones and other technological gadgets cause constant distractions.

Mr. Amos grew up without the “conveniences” of today. The times were incredibly tough, yet he was not distracted with the small stuff that hinders us. He was able to focus on what mattered most – family, and a positive work ethic.

We hope that today, when the world around us seems to have its uncertainties, we look back on another time – Mr. Amos’ time – with its own uncertainties. Let us heed his life lessons as we work to pursue better days.