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It’s An Election Year — Get Out and Vote

By Staff | Jan 31, 2018

Check out our list of election filings for the May 8 primary. We have a variety of qualified and experienced individuals who have tossed their hats in the ring for the opportunity to represent us.

In the next several weeks, we will highlight these individuals. They each have the opportunity to submit a political announcement (400 words or less) and photo. We will then follow up with questionnaires.

It is our job to inform you, and we hope to do just that.

Let us all do our due diligence as voters; let us be most prepared when entering the voting booths on May 8. Research the candidates. Ask questions. Stay informed.

The winners of these political races hold a great deal of power, albeit in different ways. Regardless, the decisions they make as representatives affect each and every one of us. We owe it to ourselves to act with care when casting our ballots.