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Industry Boom Is Bringing Change

By Staff | Nov 29, 2017

There has been a lot of talk lately about the gas industry deal between the United States and China that will have a major impact on West Virginia. It has become pretty obvious that the industry in our area is going to be booming. We can already see the increase in traffic with the amount of wells that are being developed locally. With the potential storage hub that could be coming to the county, we could see even further industrial development. Whether you are for or against the introduction of the hub, you will certainly be affected. The local roads are getting tore up, but they are also getting repaved. Local businesses have been doing well with the out of state workers spending their money at our hotels, gas stations, restaurants, etc.

The storage hub will undoubtedly bring more money into the area. It may be inconvenient to deal with the traffic situation, but the workers will not be here forever. When they leave, we will hopefully reap the benefits of better roads, and we should have stronger businesses that are left behind. Plus, the increased tax revenue will further benefit the development of the state. So whether you are in favor of the coming boom or not, you had better prepare yourselves for change.