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Preventing Local Water Contamination

By Staff | Nov 8, 2017

Sistersville just released a combined sewer overflow warning for the city, but this is an issue that can affect every town in our area. The way the system is designed, normal flows from combined sewer plants are diverted by control devices into an interceptor drain, which takes the sewage flow to the plant. With heavy rainfalls, the rainwater combines with home sewage, business sewage, and storm drains.

This excess water overwhelms the control devices, which can allow untreated waste water into streams and rivers. With there being so many streams in our county, it seems as though this could potentially affect the whole county, not just Sistersville. So whenever we receive heavy rain, or even a long lasting mild rain, take caution when going near streams and rivers, especially if downstream from a sewer drain. The amount of bacteria in these places could pose a health risk.