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Drug Problem Is Too Close to Home

By Staff | Aug 16, 2017

The drug epidemic is hitting close to home yet again. There was a major marijuana bust in Middlebourne last week, and a Middlebourne man was indicted for possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine in Wheeling. Unfortunately, there have been some overdoses this week as well.

With all of the drug awareness campaigns and the legal actions taken against manufacturers, how is it that these drugs are still finding their way into our home towns? Congressman McKinley stated recently that there is no heroin grown in the United States.

He claims that it all comes from Mexico and other countries. If this is the case, then how are these drugs making their way across the border, across multiple states, and into our little rural towns? The work and effort that go into drug trafficking are mind boggling, and law enforcement seems almost powerless to stop it. Unfortunately, this is a problem that seems to be getting worse, not better.