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Sisters Fest Weekend Celebrates Women

By Staff | Mar 15, 2017

Welcome sisters, mothers and ladies to Sisters Fest this weekend.

The 18th annual event offers women a chance to bond with each other, and share the stories and values that make sisterhood special.

Though the festival draws many local ladies to Tyler County, more than a few sisters travel great distances to the Sistersville Elks Lodge for a weekend of costume contests, a variety show, games, activities, and good old fashioned fun.

“Sisters Fest is a festival to celebrate sisters and friends,” said Valerie Reed, a key organizer of the event. “If you don’t come with a friend or come solo, you will leave with many sisters.”

When Sisters Fest celebrated the “Wizard of Oz” theme, ladies wore colorful costumes that included witches, munchkins and flying monkeys. This year’s theme is “Heroes and Villains” so expect more than a few super heroes, because all these ladies are wonder women in their own way.

Every year, the ladies gather in front of the post office to take a group photograph for history.

Boys are not allowed, but that’s OK.

We welcome this sorority of the sisterhood to Sistersville – a town named after two sisters’ bond with one another.