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Making Life Better In W.Va.

By Staff | Jan 4, 2017

More than 15 years ago, Linda Duncan, a guidance counselor at Tyler Consolidated Middle School, decided that she wanted to adopt a child. She reached out to India to a baby that was abandoned on a doorstep. After enduring much expense and government red tape, Duncan was able to adopt the child and raise her in West Virginia. That baby grew into a teenager named Jahnvi, who is a junior at Tyler Consolidated High School. Jahnvi is a high academic achiever who is active in many school activities including the track and cross country teams. This 17-year-old girl has embraced the Mountain State and its people.

“It made me who I am; India did not,” Jahnvi said. “Wherever you are in the world, home is West Virginia.”

Linda Duncan’s decision to change a life made all the difference. At the start of 2017, everyone gets a clean slate and a chance not only to make Tyler County a better place by setting a good example, but perhaps touch a life in meaningful way.