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Thanks to Volunteer First Responders

By Staff | Nov 30, 2016

Last week, while most were celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, our first responders were on duty, making sure everyone remains safe and sound.

Sistersville Volunteer Fire Department received a call on Friday about a man experiencing cardiac arrest. When firefighters arrived, the man wasn’t breathing, so they utilized their training and performed CPR. After a valiant effort, they were able to revive the unconscious man, saving his life.

That action deserves praise, and the fire department will be presented with a Star of Life award next week for their quick actions.

Situations like this underscore the need for the department to pursue licensure to become a rapid responder, enabling them to better serve not only Sistersville, but Tyler County. Licensure means firefighters, who are also EMT’s for the department, will be able to administer medications, and do so much more.

When you get a chance, please take a moment to thank a firefighter, police officer or emergency medical technician for all they do to keep us safe.