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Morrisey, Warner, Leonhardt Are Best

By Staff | Nov 2, 2016

While our governor sets the tone for much of what happens in Charleston, the nuts and bolts of state government are handled by the heads of agencies. Three of the most important are the attorney general, secretary of state and commissioner of agriculture.

Incumbent Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has distinguished himself as both the state’s chief law enforcement officer and our defender against federal misbehavior such as President Barack Obama’s war on coal.

Morrisey has gained national praise for leading lawsuits that have had substantial success in delaying Environmental Protection Agency assaults on West Virginia. At the same time, he has been a vigorous protector of consumers against predatory practices.

Finally, Morrisey has been active in battling the scourge of drug abuse in our state.

Morrisey has been just the kind of attorney general our state needs and, on Nov. 8, should retain.

In contrast, incumbent Secretary of State Natalie Tennant has been a disappointment. She has not done an adequate job of enforcing election laws. Worse, in a way, she has made it obvious from her support of Obama and Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that she is out of touch with Mountain State residents.

Mac Warner, the Republican candidate for secretary of state, deserves voters’ support for several reasons. An Army veteran, he understands and will enforce election laws to the letter – while working to make voting more accessible.

Warner also wants to streamline the secretary of state’s work with businesses, making it easier to create new jobs for West Virginians.

Even if not directly involved in farming, many Tyler County residents are aware of its importance.

So is Kent Leonhardt, who currently serves as one of our state senators. Leonhardt is running for agriculture commissioner – and has the background and policy that should earn local votes.

A U.S. Marine veteran, Leonhardt is a working farmer himself. He understands both the challenges and opportunities of agriculture.

His plan is to work with farmers, not compete against them, for their benefit and that of consumers. That makes Leonhardt the logical choice for agriculture commissioner.

The Tyler Star News endorses Morrisey, Warner and Leonhardt and urges local voters to support them – because West Virginia needs the best people we can get in those three critical offices.