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Sportsmanship on Display at Football Game

By Staff | Oct 26, 2016

For many years, an intense rivalry has existed between the Silver Knights and Blue Eagles, particularly on the football field.

Magnolia has had a successful football team for a long time. Last year, the Blue Eagles went undefeated to win the state championship. Magnolia has struggled this season.

It’s been 13 years since the Silver Knights have beaten Magnolia.

Friday night, something amazing happened. A Blue Eagle was injured during the game that was played in the rain in a very muddy field. For a few moments, it looked like Chase Street would be taken off the field by an ambulance, but he was able to get to his feet. The ambulance was not so lucky as it got stuck in the mud. The head official called both teams to shove the Wetzel County EMS off the field.

And there it was – the moment of sportsmanship that had would fans abuzz for days after the game. The two teams put aside their rivalry – in the middle of a hard fought game – to push the ambulance out of the mud. The crowd gave a loud cheer.

In a world where players and professional sports teams have less and less regard for sportsmanship and character, seemingly unaware that they may be role models, Silver Knights and Blue Eagles united for a common purpose.

Not only does that gesture indicate that values still survive and thrive in Tyler and Wetzel counties, but in West Virginia.