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Alumni Gathering a Chance to Reminisce

By Staff | Oct 19, 2016

Dawn (Crooks) Brown, class of 91'

High school reunions offer a chance not only to look back, but an opportunity to see how far we’ve come.

Saturday, Tyler County High School celebrated a reunion for multiple classes of alumni.

They marched in a parade through Middlebourne and entertained each other at class gatherings that evening.

Tyler County High School served the community from the fall of 1908 until the fall of 1993. Through those hallowed halls, memories were made, legends created, friendships shared and young men and women were educated. After graduation, lessons learned guided these young adults as they went out into the world, raised families and pursued careers.

Classmates may have changed, but they never forgot who they were, where they came from, and bonds they shared as Red Raiders. Looking back, there is the temptation to think, “what if?”

Country music star Brad Paisley sang about that feeling in “Letter to me”, about what advice he would give if he were able to write a letter to his teenage self. Dawn (Crooks) Brown thought about that song, but came away with a feeling about the meaning of life.

“If I could have told my younger self something, it would be to not let others lead you. To be happy, and enjoy being in high school. It goes by way too fast, and before you know it, life happens and you can’t go back.’

Good advice. Alumni, look fondly on those TCHS days from long ago, but live in the moment. Time is the stuff life is made of.