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Local Marching Bands Deserve a Note of Praise

By Staff | Oct 5, 2016

Our local marching bands deserve praise for capturing top honors recently at the Ripley Viking Fest.

The Silver Knights were awarded Grand Champions at their first competition of the year.

The Wildcats were awarded runner-up Grand Champion.

“Adrenaline was pumping through our hearts as we waited for the awards to be presented,” said TCHS Field Commander Jennifer Lynch.

Both schools received police escorts as they returned home triumphant Saturday night.

Band members spend several hours a week practicing their formations and routines so as to perform at football games, especially during halftime shows. No matter what school they attend, these students are so close that they often refer to this group as their “band family.” It is refreshing to see community support for such dedicated students, who are usually the cream of the crop. And it is inspiring to see these talented Silver Knights and Wildcats be recognized by the judges for their commitment to excellence. Many people attend football games to enjoy the halftime show even more than the clash of jerseys on the gridiron.

So when you see someone dressed in a pressed and polished uniform carrying an instrument hit the field, know that they have put in countless hours to hone their skills, and appreciate that you are seeing a couple of the best marching bands anywhere.