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Shoeless Runner Scores Points on Character

By Staff | Sep 28, 2016

Silver Knights’ Nathan Barker deserves praise for not giving up, but doing something that shows his commitment to the cross country team. While competing recently at the John Marshall Invitational at Grand Vue Park in Moundsville, Barker had the misfortune of getting clipped by another runner soon after the start of the 3.1 mile race. His shoe fell off a quarter mile into the race which is over grass, tree roots and hard packed trails known to have more than a pebble or two. Barker had a legitimate excuse to quit the race, but he chose to press on.

“It was a challenge, but my goal was to stay in sight of everyone on my team, and I wasn’t going to stop because of the shoe. My foot hurts now that the race is over, but the pride of me completing my goal makes up for that,” he said.

Not only did Barker finish the race, but this sophomore earned a personal record. If Barker had quit, the team would not have fared as well against a crowded field of top cross country runners from across the region.

Barker’s spirit shows us that it’s not always the fastest runner who wins, but the person most committed to excellence, no matter what the odds.