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Water Supply in Good Hands

By Staff | Aug 31, 2016

Sistersville City Hall was concerned about the potential effect that Saturday’s chlorine leak could have had on the Ohio River, and ultimately the city’s water supply. Soon after the chlorine leak was reported, officials quickly contacted the authorities to determine if there was any threat to the water supply. A public alert was issued, and soon after it was determined that there was no danger. Last fall, when toxic blue algae bloomed, City Hall temporarily disconnected from Ohio River until the water was tested and proven safe.

These events underscore the fact that the city needs to find another source of water.

Sistersville is one of the last remaining municipalities in the state to rely on the river for its water supply.

“The chlorine incident is a reminder that we must continue our progress of selecting a safe and dependable source of water,” Councilman Brandon Chadock said.

During the past year, Mayor Bill Rice has spearheaded a drive to find a new source of water. City Council should be applauded for replacing water meters and making plans to upgrade infrastructure, steps that will be required to connect to Tyler Public Service District’s water supply. These moves not only will protect the present, but preserve the future.