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Local Teen Shares Passion for Local History

By Staff | Aug 31, 2016

Eli Henthorn should be applauded for his knowledge of Tyler County history. When asked a seemingly impossible question about where the oldest known grave in the county rests, Henthorn knew the answer off the top of his head. A woman with roots in Ohio County and to the original pilot of the Sistersville Ferry was buried in 1805 near Bens Run. To discover who Rachel Grist Jolly was and where she was buried is no small feat. Like a modern day archaeologist Indiana Jones, this 16-year-old teenager and his neighbor, Richard Neff, uncovered the past and by doing so, preserved Jolly’s story for future generations. Their feat also exposes how important it is to preserve cemeteries as a chronicle of history.

In an age when teenagers are glued to their Iphones while searching for imaginary cartoons, it is refreshing to know that folks like Henthorn are still around to put past, present and future in focus.