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Middlebourne Employees Deserve Praise

By Staff | Aug 17, 2016

Much praise should be given to Middlebourne’s city employees who have worked hard in recent days to repair water line leaks. Sunday, a water line ruptured shortly after midnight. Workers toiled early that day in the mud and muck as thousands of gallons of water flowed from an 80-year-old cast iron pipe long past its prime. Though they were able to repair the pipe, a boil order remains in effect as they monitor the water quality until City Hall is assured that every last drop is safe.

And this was not the only pipe these city employees have had to repair in recent weeks. Earlier this month, a major water leak on Hardman Street kept these tireless souls working until late at night while trying to contain the flow of water. There was also a leak on Westchester Street and two different leaks behind the Tyler County Courthouse.

Many of these water lines are due to be replaced when Middlebourne’s $2.75 million water infrastructure improvement project gets underway in late fall.

City employees that work late hours, maybe not seeing their families until the job is done, deserve praise. Thank you for representing the best qualities that Tyler County has to offer.