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Vigil Honors Law Enforcement Officers’ Sacrifice

By Staff | Jul 27, 2016

Last week’s vigil in Paden City honored local law enforcement for their commitment, dedication and sacrifice.

In recent months, some misguided souls have taken aim at police – the same men and women in uniform who have pledged to uphold the law.

Five police officers were gunned down July 7 in Dallas at the end of what had been a peaceful Black Lives Matter-organized protest. About a week later, two Baton Rouge Police officers and one East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputy were killed, and several officers were injured following another senseless shooting.

During the local vigil, candles were lit honoring those officers who have fallen in the line of duty.

“We need to remember and pray for the families and friends of the officers we’ve lost. These brave public servants died serving their communities. We must honor their memories, and we must do everything we can in our community to show respect to our fallen,” Paden City Mayor Joel Davis said.

Our communities are blessed to have so many professional and caring law enforcement officers willing to risk their lives on our behalf. It is important not only to remember law enforcement’s sacrifice, but to thank them for their service to our communities.