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Ferryboat Festival Inspires Pride

By Staff | Jul 27, 2016

The Ohio River Ferryboat Festival, slated for Saturday, July 30, is something we hope everyone attends.

This will be the festival’s second year of celebrating the historic ferry traveling between the communities of Sistersville and Fly. Last year, hundreds of people attended the festival and rode the ferry. There will be a larger variety of exhibits this year that you can only experience by traveling to both sides of the river.

“The inclusion of our shared cultural arts and heritage centered around the historic transportation is a very unique story to tell,” said Mick Schumacher, Monroe County Commissioner.

For nearly 200 years, the ferry has served as a link between the two states. The City of Sistersville II, as it is called, is the last operating ferry on the river in the entire state.

In a time when ferry boat traveling has become increasingly rare, this historic and important service known as the Sistersville Ferry continues to inspire pride on both sides of the river. Please come out to join the fun, and show your support.