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Wildcats’ School Pride Shown During Weekend

By Staff | Jul 6, 2016

Paden City alumni bonded together during a long weekend meant for reflection.

Scores of alumni came to town to share memories, discuss the present and imagine the future.

Stories from the Class of 66 reverberated among all classes. That class had its share of triumphs then as students in Wildcats’ sports and later in life. Several served with distinction as members of the nation’s armed services.

Not every school or alumni class share the same experience as they do at PCHS. Many larger schools with ten times the number of graduates don’t even gather for simple class reunions.

But that’s different in places like PCHS, Sistersville High School or the Tyler County schools.

Paden City Foundation President Rodney McWilliams shared his experiences as to why Wildcats come home year after year.

“The underlying and never-dying Wildcat Spirit prevails over all and drives each of us to excel. It is not a sense of entitlement and not just a sense of pride. It is sense of legacy, of commitment, of dedication and a sense of responsibility that goes with each graduate of PCHS. We are bound to uphold certain values learned while we are in school. Hopefully, these annual alumni gatherings remind of us our understood, if often unspoken vows.”

And that’s why size doesn’t necessarily matter as much as the spirit and pride of small towns and small schools.

“Where majestic hills assemble, Raise our banner bright, Cheer until the Heavens tremble, for the Green and White. Through the years in all endeavor, we will ever be; Loyal to our Alma Mater, Hail All Hail to Thee!” – A line from the PCHS alma mater.