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Friendly Ways and Byways

By Staff | Jul 6, 2016

I love the Biblical story of The Good Samaritan so this week I want to tell you the story of The Good Samaritans. That is with an “S” on the end because several people helped.

Last Sunday after I sent my column into the Tyler Star News, my sister, Dawn, called me. She was in a rage and I could tell she was very upset.

She had been to the pool in Sistersville and was enjoying the day when a little girl came near to where they were sitting during a break and gasped.

Dawn and Sandy asked her what was wrong and with tears in her little eyes she said to them, “Someone stole my wallet and it had my birthday money in it.”

So the search was on.

They looked high and low and everywhere in between and no wallet. By this time, my sisters were angry. Several people had their suspicions, but that had to be proven. They became private eyes and looked at the clues that they had and even called others.

Without a doubt, the thief was spending this little girl’s money.

Dawn returned to Parkersburg and sent me a message for my column, but it was just too late. Now I am glad it was because the story continues.

Well, several people saw the post and people were saying, “Hey, I want your address so I can send some money to you so that you can get it to this little girl.”

Today, the little girl’s money inside that camo wallet is gone. The thief or thieves knew what they were doing and stole it.

Evidently, they have never paid attention to the Ten Commandments because it states that “Thou shall not steal.”

This is not the end of the story…

Last Sunday (June 26) was the worst day ever for this little girl. It was her birthday and a person or persons stole her wallet.

A week later on July 3, Dawn and Sandy presented to this little girl a new wallet/purse and it had money in it. They took the worst day and a week later, made it the best.

Happy Belated Birthday to this little sweetheart who I hope realizes that there are bad people, but that there are also good people.

To whomever took that little girl’s money … I feel sorry for you because you will probably continue to do these evil things and someday you will have to pay.

Today, with so much sadness in the world, it makes me smile knowing there are still good people out there.

Happy Birthday this week to our very own Lindsey Thompson. Hope it is great.

My heart aches for those in the flooded area. So Many have helped in one way or another, but I personally would like to thank Gregory McDougal, Carter Lasick, Jay Cornell, Pat Knowlton, Aaron Foltz, Jill Jimmy and Taylor Youell for all you have done. God Bless you all and all those who have helped.

I hope everyone had a Red/White and Blue Fourth of July. I love the colors of our flag. I recently bought a Patriotic Star Shower. You know what I mean. One of those as seen on TV lights that showers your house with color. This one is red and blue and I proudly let it shine on a flag. May God Bless America.

My sympathy is sent this week to the family and friends of Tom Amos. Tom was a nice friend. He was not only a locksmith, but someone who was willing to help no matter what the problem. My prayers are with the family.

My Get Well Wishes are sent to Judy Light, Barbara Cooper, Lori Brown, Butch Butcher, Pam Stanley, Bob Boston, Whitney and Adalynn Martin, Liam Varughese, Elody Grace, Betty Jackson, Brian Miller, Barb Smith, Geneva Cumbridge, Sandy Furbee, Ann Kendle, Mary Mace, Rena Bolen, Beverly Underwood, Melody Colvin, Fred Clayton, Diane Kinnard, Tracy Cornell, Melinda Yost, Pauline Fletcher, Martha Michaels, Jerry Dailey, Neal Michaels, Bob Dalrymple and Ted Shupe.

My Friendly Hello is sent to Judy Tice.

My Angel Award goes out this week to Judy Spencer and Carolyn Landis.

The thought for the week is – seven days without Jesus makes one weak.