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A Step Forward

By Staff | Apr 13, 2016

Sistersville City Council has taken a first step toward making needed infrastructure improvements to the city’s water system.

Council unanimously approved the process to begin accepting bids for radio-read meters that will streamline the meter reading process and make billing more accurate. The city will also be pursuing bids for a telemetry system that will monitor water flow within the pipes.

Monday’s meeting was the first for four recently elected council members, who indicated their intent to voters to tackle the problems associated with the city’s aging water system.

Sistersville has been around a long time, so the problems associated with the water system stem from the fact that the city relies on 19th century technology and materials.

The new meters will alert the city to possible leaks so as to reduce the water loss rate, which is estimated to be around 50 percent. Reducing that loss is required to break away from drawing our water from the Ohio River, and connecting to the Tyler Public Service District’s water supply.

These meters carry a substantial price tag, but they are an investment in the city’s future. For many years, council has kicked the can down the road to the point that these problems can no longer be ignored.

Rice and council deserve applause for finally taking action.