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Winter Storm Brings Out the Best

By Staff | Jan 27, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas was a monster, but it brought out the best in Tyler Countians.

Heavy snow fell throughout the region leaving roads, sidewalks and driveways covered with tons of the white stuff.

But as fast as it could pile up, Tyler Countians sprang into action to help their neighbors.

Ron Rush not only plowed his parents’ and brother’s driveways, but he went the extra mile with his tractor and snow blade.

Rush cleared about a half-mile section of Dry Run Road, and two miles of Badger Run all the way to Route 18. He was worried that if there were an emergency, the roads would need to be clear.

And Rush wasn’t the only one to lend a helping hand. Buddy Pardine spent a lot of time on Friendly Hill clearing driveways and roads.

He cleared off a driveway that serves six families, along with clearing a road for his neighbors.

Sistersville Volunteer Fire Chief Jason Wayne praised the firefighters who volunteered their time during the storm.

They kept Sistersville General Hospital’s emergency room entrance clear, as well as the first responders’ squad building parking lot. “I’m not going to single out one member for going above and beyond, because each one of them went above and beyond what’s expected of them,” said Wayne. “We’ve got a dedicated group of firefighters that do so much, and I can’t commend them enough.”

Paden City Councilman Joel Davis observed what many saw across Tyler County. “Neighbors coming together to help each other dig out, while the laughter of children playing could be seen and heard on every block.

Soon the snow will melt away and our busy lives will once again resume, but for now we need to pause and enjoy this gift from God.”

Though Jonas has come and gone, the piles of snow left behind will take a little longer to fade away. But what will last much, much longer is the spirit of community that is so evident whenever help is needed.