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Keep Sistersville Ferry Afloat

By Staff | Nov 19, 2015

The Sistersville Ferry has closed down for another season. The City of Sistersville II, as it is called, is the last operating ferry on the river in the entire state.

It is currently piloted by Captain Herman Hause.

Tyler County is the only West Virginia county on the Ohio River that does not have a bridge connecting it to Ohio.

The ferry has served that function for nearly two centuries. Operational expenses to maintain the ferry are provided by fares and donations from area businesses and individuals.

It does not receive any funding from the city, and limited funds for repairs from state and federal grants. In 2011, the state contributed $25,000 in assistance to save the ferry, which was slowly sinking in a sea of red ink. The ferry is a floating piece of history that serves a valuable function, and provides a unique attraction to the area.

Hopefully, all involved will continue to fight for it’s survival.