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More Taxes Just Won’t Work

By Staff | Sep 16, 2015

Taxing small town businesses and it’s residents destroys the communities. Take a look around and ask yourself what has happened. Once vibrant streets were busy with people, restaurants were open. The doctors office was available for the town folk, storefronts were full and groceries could be bought locally. But things have changed. Factories, plants and mines have closed. In order for a small town to survive in today’s economy there must be strong leadership that is willing to encourage professionals and businesses to locate in their town. They must work hard to provide great park and recreation facilities and be willing to support them. There must be a good school system.

They must also have affordable housing and welcome investors that are willing to put their hard earned money to work. A strong economic plan must be put into place and priorities must be set in order to meet goals. People should want to live there without fear of continual rate and tax increases. Those are major reasons young people migrate to larger cities and the elderly go south to retirement communities.

There are a number of strategic choices and challenges facing small communities all over this nation, but they can be overcome. Committed local and regional leadership is the key to successful development in small town America. Give $2 million dollars to a committed leadership group and they will do more than $50 million given to self interest government. Leadership is not some secret art, it is a discipline that can be taught or learned. A leadership team should always be formed for the best interest of all the citizens and never just to meet the needs of the local government.

Recruiting professionals and job providers to the small towns is the major player in bringing a community back to life. It is sad to see a town that has lost so much try to make it all back on the heals of the few residents left and the handful of businesses desperately trying to survive.