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Students, Parents Show Spirit

By Staff | Aug 26, 2015

A latest topic has been the education of high school student Roy Stevens. The concern has been should he go to Magnolia High School because he has an IEP or stay at Hundred High School. Stevens was sent to Hundred last school year and excelled, unlike the previous year. When the discussion of where Stevens should go to school, students of Hundred High School came to his aid and spoke before the Wetzel County Board of Education as to why Stevens should stay.

The board of education made the decision to send Stevens back to Magnolia. On Monday morning, Aug. 24, students of Hundred High School joined forces in a peaceful protest for the boards decision. This is something that most do not see everyday, a school and community backing a student so that he can stay at his high school. This says a lot of the character of the Hundred High School students.

Many students lined the streets outside the high school in support of Stevens.

This just proves how much school spirit this school and students have, not to mention the support. This shows why Earl and Karen have fought so hard to their son, Roy, in the school that he loves.