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It’s Never to Late To Honor War Veterans

By Staff | Jun 3, 2015

High school graduation is a milestone event is everyone’s life. It is the time where one chapter ends and a new one begins.

For most high schoolers, the next step isn’t always clear, but they know it is a big one.

But what if your time is interrupted and are not given that chance to receive your standing ovation? One graduate was given a second chance to experience the feeling of receiving his diploma.

Korean War veteran William G. Harton received his diploma that was overdue by 60 years. Robin Daquilante, superintendent of Tyler County Schools, had the honor of bestowing Harton with his diploma. Daquilante explained that because of 2012 West Virginia legislation, World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam Veterans who meet certain eligibility requirements and complete necessary paperwork may now receive their high school diploma.

For Harton, this is a moment that he will never forget. We know veterans and soldiers give up a lot for our county when they don a uniform.

We always think of the larger things like going months or sometimes years without seeing their families.

They risk giving up their lives. But we never stop to think of the little things they give up and miss.

We never realize that there are small ways to repay these men and women that gave up so much.

To many that day, it was a piece of paper, the end of an era, but for Harton, it was a well-deserved an award that was very long overdue.