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A Time to Give Congratulations And Thank-Yous

By Staff | May 27, 2015

Memorial Day is about more than cookouts, a day off from work or consuming alcohol. This is a day that remember those who gave all and lost their lives for the sake of our county. Memorial Day is a way to celebrate and thank them for their service. In this world of chaos and constant moving, we remember the active soldiers and the veterans who no longer serve, but how often do we stop and remember those who are no longer with us? While this day is the day for it, we should do it far more often than just Memorial Day, without their sacrifice, who knows what kind of world we would live in right now.

This weekend served as a weekend of numerous graduations in the area. Congratulations to all who worked the last four years to don a cap and gown. High school graduation is a glorious, yet sad day for many. Glorious because it means the end of high school and a chance to start a new adventure, but it is also sad because for many this is the last time you will get to see some of the friends that you have known your entire life.

While this day seems scary, it is the start of something new and exciting. We want to wish those who were so lucky to graduate the best of luck on the future and the new adventure that awaits.