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Dog issues nothing new for any municipal government

By Staff | May 21, 2015

Middlebourne council recently discussed the issue of vicious dogs in the area. Sadly, they are not the first community to have to tackle this issue. It is sad that dogs have to be the center of debate at a council meeting. The dog or breed is always to blame in these cases. At this meeting, the viciousness of pitbulls was brought to light about how they always go for the kill. Not all pitbulls are violent or vicious, we never stop and look at how these vicious dogs were raised. We never wonder what happened to them or question how they were raised. We immediately blame the dog or breed and take it out on the animal, who is either punished by being destroyed or under house arrest. But do we ever wonder about the owners.

The owners who have these dogs, those who have been a center of an incident or attacked someone, are they ever questioned? Is the environment that the animal is raised in ever questioned? If the vicious animal is the result of the treatment of the owners or its environment, then why are these people allowed to acquire more animals. What kind of punishment do the owners receive?

Middlebourne had a concern about children and elderly when vicious dogs were discussed and this is a reasonable concern. And these attacks have happened outside of the animals home or property. But not every dog of a certain breed should be blamed. Dogs are known to be protective but for the animal to attack off of his or her property, then the dogs nature and the home environment, as well as the owners, needs to be examined as well.