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Year in review

By Staff | Dec 31, 2014

This, our annual year in review edition, always brings an interesting perspective to the year we are closing.

The year 2014 has brought a lot of changes to Tyler County. Probably the most notable stories have involved drugs and the gas industry.

Our county has seen several people arrested and indicted on drug charges-particularly involving methamphetamines. Children have found hypodermic needles in public places, which many assume part of illegal drug use. But we are happy to say that the county has reacted in a favorable way with education of the community and ultimately the formation of an anti-drug coalition.

You might say the gas industry has experienced a similar action and reaction. There have been negatives in the gas industry-namely a spill and a fire. But there have also been conversations started by those incidents. Emergency responders have been educated and the public is more aware.

As long as there is some good that comes from trials and difficult situations, then you can always say they were not for naught. We hope 2015 brings more progress in our community, despite whatever trails that are sure to come.