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We have a problem

By Staff | Nov 12, 2014

“The drug problem here is getting out of hand.”

“I hate picking up the paper every week and reading about another kid in trouble because of drugs.”

“It’s because of all the people making and taking drugs now days that the rest of us can’t get a prescription filled without two I.D.’s and our mother’s maiden name.”

“Something’s got to be done.”

“Entire families are paying the price.”

“Somebody, somewhere has to do something.”

We are extremely proud to say that somebody, here, is doing something.

A drug awareness panel discussion group has been set up for Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. at the Sistersville First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. This group is being formed for citizens interested in being more informed and finding solutions for the ever growing drug problem in the immediate area.

Several local agencies, organizations and informed individuals will be represented at the meeting including: Tyler County Prosecuting Attorney, Luke Furbee; Chief Deputy, Shannon Huffman; Melinda Walton, Tyler County Board of Education; Sistersville Police Chief, Rob Haught; Dr. Amanda Nichols; Emma Rucker, Prevention Specialist; Chuck Sapp, local AA sponsor and counselor; and Bill Harton, Prevention Specialist.

The public is invited and encouraged to attend this important drug awareness/informational meeting.

Sistersville Police Chief Rob Haught will have an informative drug seminar/presentation preceding the meeting at 6 p.m. at the Fellowship Hall.

Drugs are here. Drugs have been here. It’s up to us, the people that live here, to see to it that they and their co-horts are made so unwelcome that they leave. This program is a start in that direction.

If the kid down the street has a drug problem, we all have a drug problem. If the school has a drug problem, we all have a drug problem. If a traveler visiting the city has a drug problem, we all have a drug problem.

We have a problem Tyler County. What are you going to do to help fix it?

It’s past time to start finding solutions that work. No idea is too small, too silly, or too insignificant to try.

Information is ammunition. This program is just one way we can arm and protect ourselves.