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Creativity Abounds

By Staff | Nov 5, 2014

As you can see on pages 3, 6, and 7, there is no drought of creativity in Tyler County. We marvel every year at the great costumes you come up with for Halloween.

Sure, there were several Elsas and Annas from Disney’s Frozen, but how many gumball machines did you see? Firemen in a firetruck? Flying monkeys? Characters from a Salem Witch Trial? Astronauts?

Not too many. And you probably didn’t see those costumes on the shelves of the local department or even Halloween store.

Those costumes took creativity. They took some thinking and some work. And that is something we certainly appreciate.

Do you know what else we appreciate? People who organize holiday events such as the Sistersville Lions Halloween Parade and the Josephs Mills Community Center gathering. They encourage creativity and competition. Thank you.