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Exaggerated Death

By Staff | Jul 2, 2014

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated,” — Mark Twain

It may be the famous author who first said that phrase, but it can, surprisingly, be used in several applications.

For instance, for the past several years it has been said of manufacturing in the United States. But Beri Fox of Marble King begs to differ.

She has been for a while. If you remember, four years ago she was on national television shows (The Colbert Report and The Martha Stewart Show) talking about manufacturing in America. Sure, she talked about some difficulties of manufacturing here, but she was showing that it can be done and working to level the international playing field.

That work must be paying off as Marble King and Sistersville Tank Works were recently recognized by Governor Earl Ray Tomblin for their exporting. (See the story on page 1.)

Marble King has been exporting to Turkey and Sistersville Tank Works to South Korea. So not only are their products viable here, but abroad as well.

Their ingenuity, their creation of something from raw materials, their ability to meet a specific need is recognized. They are doing good work. They are making it work, right here in these United States.

Fox says, “See, good things do happen in small towns!” And they still happen in America. Don’t believe the exaggerated reports of the death of American manufacturing. It is still possible. In fact, it is still happening.